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Get In The Loop
If you are a business in the downtown area looking for more efficiencies in your operations, or an engineering and design team looking for a more cost-effective energy source for renovation and building projects call RDH to learn more about The Loop.

Once we evaluate your business qualifications and needs we will provide a comprehensive cost analysis and consultation to "get in The Loop!"

Benefits of Membership

  • Join forces with a Rochester-wide steam cooperative
  • Say goodbye to the capital expense of in-house boiler systems
  • Save the time & money youíd spend on boiler water treatment and daily maintenance
  • Get rid of unpredictable hot/cold fluctuations in your business or organizationís space
  • Enjoy savings passed on by the power of a not-for-profit coalition
  • A local, member-owned organization

We might be one of Rochester’s best kept secrets. But inside the downtown Inner Loop, you can find us just about anywhere you look.

We're the Rochester District Heating Cooperative (RDH). Since 1984, we’ve provided businesses throughout the downtown area some of the most reliable and cost-conscious heating service available.

Xerox Square, Blue Cross Arena, Chase Tower, and the Bausch & Lomb Library. The First Universalist Church and St. Luke & St. Simon. The Federal Building. Just about everywhere you look in Rochester, you can spot our members – each one part of the RDH independent cooperative that’s saving money and ensuring heating and cooling reliability year round.

Isn't it time you got into the Loop?

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  Getting in The Loop is an easy way to immediately start saving money on heating. But the benefits of membership do not stop there.  More >  
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Where in Rochester...
We might be one of Rochesterís best kept secrets. But inside the downtown Inner Loop, you can find us just about anywhere you look. Go to Interactive Map >
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